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Voice Journal Spring 2017 April 11-17

April 11
Lesson went well. We worked on vowels, legato, and delaying consonants. The most amazing thing was discovering that half-voice resonates in a different spot. It's at the top of my palate. Abigail tells me that if I can sing that way all the time, I will always be in tune. She says to start at half-voice and give a little more each time I go through the song.

April 12

Sang the song several times in the practice room. Was really pleased that I was able to add a little each time to half-voice.

April 13 through 15
Utterly exhausted. No music homework at all.

April 16
Sight-singing and AL, but I started with Enemy Lines and was both elated and utterly discouraged. The elation was because I sang that F above middle C with no trouble at ALL, and it's in the passaggio, but you would never know it! It's at the top of a run and it's sustained, and I sang it clear as a bell. The discouragement is that I just sound amateur, so bad. My voice two years ago was sweet, round, melodious, just absolutely gorgeous. Right now I'm embarrassed by it, loud, nasal, and utterly mediocre. I don't care that my sight-singing is that way, but I REALLY care when I have old recordings to compare the new recordings to.

Sight-singing wore me out. Let my throat rest a while before I came back to AL. Sang half-voice and really didn't have anything more to give it. Three times through for vowels, pitch, and legato. Hope I can do more tomorrow.

April 17
Two times through AL at school after sight-singing and a warm-up. Was pretty exhausted so I couldn't do more. Worked on keeping my voice forward and lighter, keeping the phrases legato and connected, getting the pitches right, changing the vowels. Was happy that I could do more than just half voice the second time through and was sorry to have to stop.

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