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Voice Journal S 2017 Feb 28-Mar 6

Feb 28
A little sight-singing in the morning. Worked on the song for a while in my lesson, mostly the third verse. Too exhausted to sing at home.

Mar 1
Sight-singing for quite a while at school, working that 5-to-4 minor seventh leap. Meant to sing the song at home but fell asleep. Sheesh.

Mar 2
Evidently, one has to be creative if not a little sneaky to psych out the tension. Put Helen Reddy on loudly and went to wash dishes in the other room. *eyebrow waggle* Sang the song three times through and pretty well, remembered the "oo" for "o" most of the time, had pretty good intonation. Throat got tired and tight. Rested a couple times through. Got emotional, aborted next singing, just listened.

Came back to computer and sang again three more times through. Remembered more "oo"s. Intonation a little spotty. Have pretty well caught the altered rhythms. HR sings "ao" almost like a cockney "ow," and she scooped that A quite often. AND she went flat on "prayer"! She gradually brought it back as the chords changed... but hey, if Helen Reddy can go flat and still hit number 1 on the charts, maybe Cathie Rayes can relax a little about singing perfectly in tune.

All in all, I'm pleased with this practice session. Kept it to half-voice but it was nice and I enjoyed it. Think I might do that again.

Mar 3
Ridiculously tight today. Needed to massage not just neck and jaw, but the back of my skull as well. Feels weird now, half-numb, so I think it must need more. Can sing better in head voice than chest voice right now. We'll see how well I can loosen up.

A new thing for me today: Karaoke. Sang Candle on the Water with Helen Reddy five times, but I had all the feels and trying not to cry made me sound awful, like an extremely nervous teenager. Took a long break and found some karaoke youtubes. The instrumental piece with the melody was easier to sing to than the actual karaoke and hoo boy those notes against a weird chord (like G against an Fsus, "found" in the bridge) are truly difficult! Also, I don't know the words as well as I wish I did. Guess I was riding Helen's coattails. But by the time I stopped for the night I was much better about it. Having all three verses start with the same words is confusing, but I'm working on it. Also, managed to let the feels go. Voice was smoother but still sounds a little funny and I certainly don't have full voice for it, although in places I did when I was singing with Helen. I'm wondering if I was starting the verses half in chest voice and that's why head voice sounded weird. Also, I'm really careful when I sing and that doesn't sound like a pop song at all. Lord love a DUCK do I ever have a lot of work to do. *sigh* Although it just occurred to me that I forgot I'm supposed to sing ugly. Maybe that would help. I'll try it tomorrow.

Mar 4
Sick all day, no music at all. *sigh*

Mar 5
Tried karaoke. All. The. Feels. Mission aborted.

Three times through a capella, working on words and dealing with A.T.F. Had to stop a few times but got through all three times.

Mar 6
Four times through at school. Felt like it went well! Worked on pronunciation and rhythm. No problem at all with the feels.

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