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Voice Journal Spring 2017 Mar 21-27

Mar 22
Recorded Enemy Lines again and again, different styles. My voice was really nasal which is a big disappointment. It means none of the recordings are usable. Did it as a bossa nova, as rock, as 8 beat pop, and as pop with a heavy bassline. Took well over an hour and I was really well warmed up by the end of it. Just like last week, I approached the singing as if it were a voice lesson assignment--although unlike voice lesson assignments, my throat and shoulders stayed fairly well relaxed. I didn't get a headache at all. I practiced aiming my voice at that higher resonating spot for the whole thing, and I'm getting better at that. It keeps the sustained notes clearer and the intonation doesn't wobble.

I've been singing this song almost three years now, and this is the third time I've worked it to the point of recordability. I only get mistake-free once out of ten or twelve times, but then once is all you need if you're recording. I sound much lighter and much more like myself. Going to try singing more softly next time, to see if I can get the nasal out and the roundness back in.

Mar 23
Worked on Enemy Lines but didn't try recording. My voice just wasn't up to much singing.

Mar 24
Sang through my Aural Skills assignment (little bit of Mozart), solo and SATB parts, but didn't sing anything else.

Mar 25
No real singing... although I did try to sight-sing the confirmation number after I paid the property taxes. It just looked like scale degrees. *sheepish look*

Mar 26
No singing at all--overwhelmed with other homework.

Mar 27
Worked on Enemy lines, aiming my voice up to keep it out of my throat. Wasn't able to get anything that sounded good, though.

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