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Voice Journal Spring 2017 April 4-10

April 4
New song in the voice lesson. Has an octave and third, and the top note is D which I sang for the first song about the cherry tree. Was VERY well warmed up and even though I had trouble with breath support, I was able to sing the note easily and at volume.

Sang American Lullaby for Gryph and was utterly shocked that I had nothing, nothing at all, for the high notes. What the heck gives?! It was so thin and soft it almost disappeared. *sigh* Enemy Lines worked better but my voice was definitely not up to scratch.

April 5
Ran through American Lullaby once--voice still thin, sheesh. Concentrated on sight-singing.

April 6
Sight-singing but no other singing practice. Concentrated on piano instead--will be playing Wayfaring Stranger for my final and was all jazzed about being able to play it today!

April 7
Enemy Lines... sheesh. No breath support... well, okay, more breath support than I had at the end of last semester. Probably 3/4 of what I expect to have. Truly exhausted and wasn't able to sing the way I wished to even though I tried. Congested, too, like always these days, and very nasal on the bottom. Oy. Gonna have to sing softly to get any kind of beauty in this voice, and I'm just too doggoned tired.

Rested for a while, ate supper. Decided to do homework, checked Blackboard. Aural Skills sight-singing... done at the computer. At the computer!!! NO KEYBOARD!! I just chose a pitch for 1 and had at it! I strongly suspect, given by where I hit the passagio, that I was singing in G and Gm like usual. Sang 11.8 through 11.25 before my voice gave out, then did the warm-ups we were assigned (interval practice) in major and minor.

Since when can I do this?! Evidently I have a new skill now!!!

April 8
Can't sing for beans today. Did my sight-reading at the piano. Managed.

April 9
Explored youtubes of American Lullaby. Tried singing along--could not get even one note to sound. Have gone back to warm ups. Started out okay but have awful headache now and could not finish the high part of the first warmup. Massaged, started second warmup. Headache again, but am getting warmed up enough to try the song. Found a version made in Finale which is slow, so will work from there.

Sang six times through, working on melody. Have to remind myself "head voice" to make the nursie part of each verse, which is kinda weird since I'm not in chest voice for any of it, and I wonder if maybe there's a second head voice or if there's some sort of "passaggio voice" that I've been using. Even when I sing badly, the head voice on those nursie pitches is clear and kind of rings--which it doesn't on F, G, and A. It seems to start on B. Had some trouble with emotions on the fifth time through but sang through it and the sixth time was okay. Tired now. Still have to sight-sing, sheesh.

Did my sight-singing in D in head voice and at pitch since I was already warmed up and singing there. Used the keyboard since I've already done the initial sight-singing. Was okay except for the ones which went up to F#. Might do that fairly often.

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